At GT Church we believe in life change, second chances, and new beginnings. We believe that Jesus changes everything, God can do the impossible, and that no situation is “too far gone” for God to intervene.  This is why prayer is so important to us.  

This year we are believing for big things as a church and we need God to lead the charge… with that said, we are getting intentional. In 2019 we are engaging in a year of prayer at GT Church and we want you get involved!


How it works: 


Select a day of the month.
Commit to making that day a specific day of prayer and fasting each month throughout the year.  

Choose Your Date & Sign Up!


Put reminders in your calendar, remember to pray, and believe for amazing things!


To support and encourage you throughout the year, we will be highlighting a different prayer focus each month. Click the links to the left to see more detail about each month's focus as well as a video from Pastor Andy explaining the heart behind our prayers for that month.


We would love to hear any of your answers to prayer throughout the year, and of course, you can always contact us with  prayer requests.