I have always dreamed about being a part of a church...

That was so full of life that people couldn't wait to get there each Sunday. A church that reaches the generations and reflects the ethnic diversity represented within her city. Where lonely people are placed into spiritual families, where friendship is a given and love abounds. 

A church where Christ is exalted and heartfelt worship is expressed in song, with prayer, and joyful generosity. A church empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring refreshment to all who enter her doors. A church where the message is Biblical and relevant- giving real answers to real questions. A church where criticism is drowned out by loving action, where the distant draw near, where the broken find healing, where the confused find clarity, and those in despair find hope. 

I've dreamed of a church...

That is like a house full of sons and daughters redeemed by a loving Father whom they joyfully serve by serving others. A church that rekindles a love for the lost, the absent and the unfulfilled. A church that has a presence in the city that is unavoidable and full of good works. A church that is talked about by those stuck in poverty and addiction, as well as in the high rise office buildings of our downtown, and even in the halls of our government buildings. A church so focused on its mission that it trains and releases every believer for effective ministry.

And I continue to dream...

For a church that gathers thousands and thousands of people because of its capacity to invest in the one. For a house so vast that it must meet in multiple locations in order to fulfill its purpose. A church that feels the responsibility not just for this city, but for the Island, the nation, and even the nations of the world. 

I dream of a church...

Full of children of God who are willing to stand up and be counted- who will put their shoulder to the load, who choose to live with the understanding that what matters more than anything else is people and heaven. I dream of a church that won't stay silent, that won't be content with average, a church consumed with a spiritual passion to live the life God intended them to live.

I believe with all my heart the church I dream about is what Glad Tidings is becoming...your church, my church, the church we have dreamed about. 

And so I invite you to consider that all we have seen is not the glory days but just the preface to the rest of the story. Exercise your faith with me, let the Holy Spirit inspire you to believe that there is so much more!

Let's dream, Church!

Let's believe together of the most high God! Let us not grow weary in doing well- because the harvest is coming if we do not faint. This will be our faith proclamation: There is life here! In Jesus name, there is and there will be life here! Jesus said, I have come to bring life to the fullest! And so we pray, Lord Jesus come and bring your fulfilling life. Amen.

-Andy Moore, Lead Pastor