The prayer focus for February, 2019 is

O U R   G L O B A L   F A M I L Y.


February is a month where we get to celebrate family, so we want to keep in mind our Global Family as they serve around the world. We support each of these people & organizations financially, but this month we want to spend time supporting them with prayer. Click on the names below to learn more about each of their ministries!

Ari Rocklin
Training tentmakers to spread the gospel around the world.

Brent & Carina Cantelon
New Bibles for Muslims project in Bangladesh.
New training project for Egyptian pastors to plant churches in the Aarabic world.

Christo & Sarah Emmanuel
Pray for the plan of a new church campus of Living God church in Tamal Nadu.

Imagine Thailand
Pray for more opportunities this coming year for students and professionals to impact their community. 

Kimberley Hodgkiss
Please pray for the new students to joining the girls training centre in Trijillo, Honduras.

Nelson & Lisa Monteiro
Developing next generation leaders in Brazil and Canada. 

One Accord Bangladesh
Pray for the new seekers who have been introduced to their house church.
New Theatre program! Pray that it would bring new witnessing opportunities.

Rodney McDonald
Training Tentmakers in the Philippenes to be sent out globally.


Here is Pastor Andy's video for this month's prayer focus!