Small Groups

Small Groups

Where Big Gets Small

You were created for relationship. The most natural place for relationships to form and grow is in a small group environment. Small Groups are the life of our church and our heart is to see every person belong to one. Groups meet regularly all over the city, providing the rich opportunity to do life together. 

No matter your age, interest, or location, there is a group for you!


1. Find a group that meets your interests and schedule using our Small Group Finder tool

2. Sign up once you've found the group you're looking for by viewing the group's profile and sending a message requesting to join.  If you are unable to find a group that meets your needs, we would love to help you. Please email our Small Groups team

2018 Winter Semester: Jan 7- Mar 9


Are you looking for a group that's all about exploring faith and asking questions? Try Alpha!